Parents are perfect?!

What a responsibility! Raising children. Think about it. What you do, how you behave, how you react, what you eat, what you look like naked…We are completely exposed. The mood swings. The temper tatrums. And, yes, I am talking about the parents. And we think to ourselves –well, I don’t want to set a bad example, so I had better…–The self-restraint that we try to impose upon ourselves so that we are always doing the right thing, is that healthy?

My stepdaughter is about to get her learner’s permit for driving. So she is paying attention when I drive now. Great. I can’t run yellow lights anymore. I have to come to a full stop on red and at stop signs. I have to do the speed limit. I have to use my turn signal. I have to be the perfect driver so that I am setting a good example for her to follow. And then my daughter gets her’s next year. So, they are both watching every move I make. “Why are you going 42, the speed limit is 45?” ” Omigod, you totally could have made that light! Why did you stop?” And I am grinding my teeth and thinking–because I don’t want you to run any yellow lights—

So, is this the right thing to do or should I still put on my lip gloss and look in the visor mirror while I steer with my knees. And what about those days we are running late and I am taking them to dance, and I just finished a run but I didn’t have time to eat. Sometimes, I  eat a bowl of pasta or something while I am driving down the road. Do I have to stop that now? Do you think they remember that I did that and one day they are going to do that and then what kind of mother am I? Not to mention now they realize that I have replied to their texts while I was driving and said–I’m at the light. I’m almost there–What? I was texting and driving? I was at a light, I  say in my own defense. Doesn’t matter…

Well, I’d love to keep blogging, but I don’t want to stay on the computer too long. Don’t want to set a bad example!


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Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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3 Responses to Parents are perfect?!

  1. 5kidswdisabilities says:

    Cute! I feel better about my driving now. (I also use the “I was just texting at the light.” excuse. They just made texting in the car illegal in our state, so now I have to hold is down under the steering wheel so no one can tell I’m texting!

  2. 5kidswdisabilities says:

    I really don’t have to worry about my kids following my driving habits. My husband who they adore, drives very very fast, goes through red lights, tailgates and swears at other drivers. What I do is minor in comparison!
    Lindsey Petersen,

    • judithisbell says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I am new to blogging. I really don’t know what I am doing yet. And you will probably appreciate this next thought. I won’t let my teenage daughters have a social networking site, and now here I am blogging. So, that’s not going over so well! I took a look at your page. You have your hands full. I teach exceptional education students in my Physical Education classes. I have an idea of the daily challenges that you face. But, I also am sure that you must have a lot of moments of satisfaction!

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