Need for Speed

What is your fitness goal? My most immediate goal is to be able to complete a fall marathon in under 4 hours. So I am working on speed at shorter distances. I have signed up for a bunch of races leading up to my marathon, where I hope to break 4 hours and qualify for Boston. None of those other races are my goal. They are just steps towards my goal.

When I first started running races around town, I ran 8 minute miles or a little faster. Then I started marathon training.  I have become very comfortable running a marathon. I have built my endurance.I know what to expect which, as any marathoners know, is the unexpected.

But, along the way, I lost my speed. So, I am trying to find it again. I hope to find it on the track on Wednesday night when I take on my first speed workout with my new group. I hope to build on it on Saturday for my group’s tempo run.

There is just something about running fast. My last mile of this past Richmond marathon, mile 26, was the fastest mile of my whole race. I cannot tell you how awesome it felt, flying downhill to the finish line on Cary Street. Having all of that left at the end of the race, however, tells me I could have gone faster earlier on. Hence, the new goal.

What is your fitness goal? Does the idea of reaching that goal feel awesome to you?  Can you envision yourself completing your goal? Have you set the right goals for yourself?

Notice I picked one goal. I didn’t say run a marathon in 4 hours, give up junk food, go to sleep earlier, drink more water…Because I don’t need to say all of that other stuff. I will most certainly NOT reach my marathon goal without proper nutrition and adequate sleep. My goal is my marathon time. The rest is a given.


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Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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2 Responses to Need for Speed

  1. Gigi says:

    Even though yoga is supposed to be non-competitive with yourself and others, my fitness goal is to be able to gracefully do the jump back/jump up. I think it has something to do with arm strength and core strength. Not sure, but that’s my one fitness goal.

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