Prioritizing Exercise

What would you do in this circumstance…?

You are supposed to do some cardio today at 4pm. But you get a calendar reminder that your daughter has an appointment that you forgot all about, at that exact time. And you have to leave to drive her to another activity by 5:25. You have 1 hour and 25 minutes for taking her to an appointment and to do your cardio before the next activity. That’s actually a pretty long time. So, don’t panic. See how it plays out and be flexible.

If you are really committed to your workout, your wheels should immediately start turning to figure out how to fit it in. If you still get home by 4:30, you can get dressed and go running for 30 minutes and be back in time to drink some water, eat a snack and go out again. At this point in your thinking, give yourself a cut off time. In other words, if you are not home by 4:45, forget about squeezing in the workout. Time for Plan B.

How about working out while she’s at her activity for  Plan B? Maybe that is not ideal, but for the one night, maybe it is necessary. You have to be flexible. You don’t have to lock in to always working out at that time, but you can do it once. What if your gym is too far away? Find a local  school track or a park. You can always run or walk laps. And you can bet you will see plenty of other people out there.

Of course, now you are going to be sweaty when you arrive to pick up your child. That’s okay.  The other Moms will secretly envy you. In fact, at least one person will probably comment how she wished she had time to workout. What she means is she wishes she had MADE the time to workout.

The message here is simple. How bad do you want it? How important is your goal? Now here is the tricky part, especially for moms- Can you put yourself first? If your goal is to be healthy and fit, then you need to realize that sometimes putting your needs first is the best thing for your family.

And always remember this…You are a role model. If you are constantly blowing off exercise and making excuses, that is the habit you are teaching to your children. But if they see that you make the time for exercise and you consider it a priority, they will also view it as a priority. So, see, you ARE doing it for them!


About judithisbell

Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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