Avoiding Running Injuries

Wow, if I really knew the secret to avoiding injuries, I would be a millionaire. While there is no one secret, you may find these ideas useful.  Particularly if you are just beginning  a new exercise program,  it is important to ease your body into  a new lifestyle. I have put together a few things to keep in mind to help you avoid injuries.

1. Rest days. You have to give your muscles an opportunity to recover. Take a day off from running after a hard workout.

2. Post Run Nutrition. It is important to fuel muscles properly after a workout. You will read a lot about this. Bottom line is that your muscles need protein and carbohydrates as soon as possible after your run. So always have a high protein, high carb snack handy for the ride home. Whatever you like-cliff bars, etc… Peanut butter works, as does chocolate milk. The point is to give your muscles what they need to heal properly right away. This is really, really important, yet lots of people don’t give their muscles the necessary nutrients. Burning several hundred calories does not warrant your eating a burger and fries. Your body doesn’t need that garbage. If you put your muscles through hell, you need to reward them with the appropriate nutrients.

3. Water. Everyone knows to drink a lot of water, so do it.

4. Sleep. We all need different amounts of sleep. I am not a big fan of sleep, but many people need a lot of sleep. If you do, then make sure you get a lot of sleep.

5. Balance. Do some cross training to give your muscles a break. Anything. Lift weights. Ride a bike. Take a walk. Do yoga. Whatever. Just use some different muscles.

6. Smile. What the heck? It can’t hurt!

Good luck!


About judithisbell

Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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