Health Care Solution

The health care solution is simple, yet it has turned  into a complex, partisan battle. And it is ridiculous. We, as citizens should be outraged that the people we have elected cannot come to an amicable agreement.

So, what is the simple solution? Eat right. Exercise daily.

It starts with the food companies and ends with your commitment to your health. If the food companies stopped selling food that causes heart disease and cancer and if everyone exercised, then fewer people would need the type of care that they need now. It is absurd that people allow themselves to become overweight and then rely on medication to lower their blood pressure and cholesterol, when they could exercise and eat right and solve the problem.

I know that might make some people mad to read, but it is the truth. There are some families with bad genes, sure. Always exceptions. But, the entire 30% of children who are overweight in our country didn’t inherit it. It was thrust upon them by families who did not feed them properly and did not get them involved in physical activities. And now these children are starting their lives with a tremendous deficit. That’s simply not fair.

So, as we face this health care crisis in our country, remember how you can cut your own health care costs. Eat right. Exercise. And include your children. I told you it was simple. And if you already have a healthy lifestyle, then you are a beacon to guide the others. Live up to that!


About judithisbell

Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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