Cooking and Running

When it snows, I love to cook all day with the Food Network channel  in the background. Usually, everyone else in my family is outside, so I want  the house to smell delicious when they come in, and I want to have something yummy to fill their tummies.

There are many healthy options for soups and stews that incorporate vegetables and lean meats. I make sure that the meals I serve are full of nutrients because I know my family will also want to eat high fat foods, especially on snow days. Along with the healthy food, I will definitely bake some goodies like cookies and brownies. But, I will  leave an assortment of fruits sitting out and readily available for an easy snack.

It seems like a lot of work sometimes, usually just during the work week when I might be tired. But, most of the time, I really enjoy cooking. It is a creative outlet, taking ingredients and making something delicious for my family to eat. I have to remember to keep it simple, because when I get too much going on, I get stressed about the outcome and then it’s not as much fun.

Almost like running. When I get consumed with my performance, my runs aren’t as much fun because of the effort involved. But, when my race times improve because of  my hard work, I am pleased. When I was at the track this past week for my speed workout, as I was running 400s, I was thinking “this feels awful”, until I crossed the finish and heard my results.

When we want to improve at anything, I suppose, the process becomes more challenging and stressful. But, if we truly want to get better, we will feel satisfied with the end results.  The quest for that satisfaction is what drives us to push through those challenging, sometimes painful moments.

Cooking and running become an analogy for life.


About judithisbell

Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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