What is your Fitness Style?

Fitness could really be very simple. You could be the type of person whose lifestyle naturally incorporates healthy choices. Maybe you live on a farm where you grow your own food, and have a lake where you can swim and raft and you have to cut down trees and chop wood and build fences and you have to run from place to place on your farm to take care of it all. Or maybe not.

Most of us have to find ways to incorporate fitness into our lifestyles. We have to look for little windows of opportunity where we can squeeze it in. And we do this in a few different ways.

I take each day one day at a time. I am a get up early person, and I plan my day in the mornings while I am eating my breakfast. As anyone who is a parent knows, you have to be flexible, so I always have a back up plan. What if something comes up and I don’t get my run in before dark. Then I have to figure out what time I can get on the treadmill if I have to. So, I  plan my day with  a plan a and a plan b for my workout. I will call this style the one day at a time style.

The second style that comes to mind is the advance planning style.  These people have to  plug it all into the calendar and make sure it all works. With advance planning, they make sure they have everything they need for their workouts and have enough time to change, workout, shower and dress again. This person will probably even calculate driving times to and from and have it all down to the minute. Just thinking about being this person wears me out. But, we need advance planners in our world. Just remember to prioritize your workouts so that if something comes up you find a way to squeeze them in. Advance planners should consider using the plan a/plan b idea.

And, now I can imagine one more type of person when it comes to organization and that would be the spontaneous person. Calling them spontaneous is much kinder than saying scatterbrained. You know who you are. These are my friends who work out on a whim or because they suddenly remember at 5:30 that they were supposed to be at the track to meet their friend to run at 5:15. This person will make a quick phone call to explain that they will be late, a quick wardrobe change and float over to the track and kick butt on the track because they didn’t spend the whole day stressing over their workout! Not so bad, after all. No time to think about it. We can learn from our spontaneous friends; perhaps we can reflect during the time that they leave us waiting.

As you can see, there are clear advantages and disadvantages to each of these fitness styles. We aren’t really so predictable that we fall under one specific category all the time. No matter what type you are, or if you are a combination, remember to prioritize your health, and find a way to exercise daily!


About judithisbell

Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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