Running is my spiritual guide

Running is my spiritual guide, as well as a physical outlet. I believe it for myself and I notice it with other runners…marathon runners. There is a certain mental presence that you must possess to endure increasing mileage each week. At the end of a long run, there is an unmistakable expression on a runners face,  of resolve and determination that shows; it can’t be hidden.

I cannot describe the sense of satisfaction that fills me when I finish any run, especially a long one. That sense of satisfaction sticks with me and gives me a completeness in all aspects of my life. I think it is because I know I can depend on myself. I know that no matter what  crashes down around me, I am still standing. Because I have crashed and I survived it and I came out a stronger person. And, yes, I am talking about completing 26.2 grueling, marathon miles.

I notice that many people post affirmations, both secular and scriptural, and I wonder what has made them feel so hopeless that they are desperately grasping at words to lift their spirits. But, I also realize that some people post these sayings for others, more than for themselves.  I am just not searching for some reassuring words to get me through the day. I am not living moment to moment needing a push or a shove.

I’ve had my share of heartaches and I’ve lost people who I love and who I miss every day. My life is not perfect, but I enjoy it. I try to enjoy every moment. I don’t dwell on what could have been, I just deal with where I am, which is a really good place. I take ownership for where I am. I have made a lot of choices in life and they have led me here. And you might not have thought I would be so happy if you had witnessed some of my life’s decisions.

But, I don’t look back. Why bother? I am too busy living each moment to its fullest potential, and looking forward to what tomorrow has to offer!


About judithisbell

Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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