Motivating Others

I share my running goals in an effort to hold myself accountable, and also to perhaps motivate others. Many people say they want to be healthy, but they don’t seem headed in the right direction. Everyone has different barriers that are keeping them from committing to a healthy lifestyle. I hope to help break down those barriers however I can.

Some people need a push to add exercise to their lifestyle. They might need someone to walk with them, or simply someone to just follow-up and ask them about their planned workouts. Others need education about healthy diet selections. Still others may need a workout plan drawn up for them so they have a schedule to follow.

Whatever their obstacle to fitness is, here are some ways to motivate others:

1. Share your workout goals with someone who has an interest in exercising, but either hasn’t started yet, or who isn’t consistent with a workout. You may inspire that person to get started on a goal.

2.Offer your time to workout with someone who needs an extra push. For example, you can take a walk with a friend. You can follow-up with your own run later, but help them find the time. Hopefully, they will take off of their own, prioritizing that time for exercise, once you help establish a routine.

3.Talk about how you find ways to eat healthy food in this world of convenience foods. Share websites, book titles, magazines, etc… in an effort to show your friend that they can find healthy selections. Many people don’t understand how to read a nutritional label and many people don’t know about the dangers of hidden sugar in low-fat foods. If these things are familiar sounding to you, you could offer your food knowledge.

4.Just be you. If you follow a workout regimen on your own, your natural energy will shine through. Don’t make apologies for how you manage to squeeze it all in. Instead, share a non-threatening helpful hint now and then. You don’t want your friends to feel guilty for not exercising, yet you want them to see how they can fit it in.

Remember people will do what they truly want to do. Some just need a little push.


About judithisbell

Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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