Training goals!

I can’t wait for next Sunday! I don’t want to wish my week away, but I am so excited to start marathon training team,that  I can barely contain myself. Today, I ran with my best friend, my boyfriend, and unbeknownst to him, we were running a route that is quite common for my marathon training team, and I just had to get out there and run on Richmond city roads.

Normally, we run closer to home, but the last 3 weeks, we have ventured out. I love running along the James River and I love running through urban neighborhoods and city streets. It’s exciting and it reminds me of my goal: to BQ at this Richmond Marathon! I believe I can do it this year.

Every 5 years, even though I grow older, the benefit is that I gain more time for qualifying for the Boston Marathon. This year, I have to run in 4 hours or  less to make it. I have spent the entire winter/spring training season training for speed and I am ready.  So, next Sunday, I will run my first training run with the confidence that I have never before  possessed because I  have worked hard and I know I can do it.

So, what kind of training goals have you set? What mini-goals have you achieved along the way?


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Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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3 Responses to Training goals!

  1. Charlie P says:

    Nice blog Judith!

  2. Charlie P says:

    Richmond was my first marathon in 2006 and a year later was my first BQ. I feel it is a special place for me so I try to run it every year and have except for 2008 when I was recovering from a broken leg. Last year I BQ’d again and of course I will be running it this year! Good luck on your marathon trianing….Richmond is a great course for a BQ and I hope to follow your progress here on this blog. Keep up the good work Judith!

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