Crunch Time

This is the time in my marathon training program when the intensity turns up a few notches. We are about to start our most challenging workouts in preparation for race day and I am highly motivated to perform well!

But, like everyone else, other commitments sometimes get in the way. This past week was our first week back at school and I had to work late hours. Had to shorten one run and skip another one all together. I could have skipped all of my runs and probably justified it, but  I wouldn’t allow myself to start that habit.

There are many people who thought I was crazy to work all day and then go home and run in the evening heat and humidity. Those who shared their comments about my insanity, also shared what they did. Had drinks. Sat down and did nothing. Ate… We all choose how we deal with our stress. I chose to run my stress away. And I felt GREAT at the end of each run. Anyone who is a runner knows and anyone who is not, well they don’t believe it.

I spent the whole summer ruling my own daily agenda. Choosing to do things however I wanted. Now, I must buckle down and adhere to my work schedule AND find running time. I am sure I will have my challenges, but my health is a priority. I won’t let it slip away from me.

Many of us have to juggle our daily activities and find balance in our lives. Remember to make yourself a priority. That decision will help everything fall into its place and make you a happy, healthier person.


About judithisbell

Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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