More Winter Motivation!

What a gorgeous morning for a run, after Richmond’s first winter dusting of the season! Waking up to retrieve my paper and walk my dog, I barely noticed the chill when there was so much beauty to take in. Just the right amount of snow to cover the grass, yet the roads were clear and safe!

After so many warm days recently, I looked forward to wearing my tights for the first time since last winter. I found my vest, gloves and hat and I was ready to go

This morning, I drove out to meet my group and run along the James River. While the bridge across was a bit treacherous with ice, it was worth it to run on the winding Riverside Drive. The scenery was so distracting, I barely noticed how cold it really was!

Of course, cold is relative. For Richmond, Virginia, it was a pretty cold winter day. The sun came up shining brightly, which for the past several months, I did not enjoy because it meant I would get too hot and too tired. But, today, the sun was perfect.

I was reminded of the things that I enjoy about winter running. First of all, it is fun at the beginning of the season to wear “new” clothes to run in. Maybe that’s a girl thing. Second, because I don’t get overheated, I run faster in the winter. Third, we run an hour later than during the summer, meaning I get to sleep longer. Fourth, there is a Starbucks drive-thru on my way home, and after a cold winter run, I am usually shivering in my car, so I treat myself to a latte or cappuccino.

Winter running has many pluses. It is just hard to get out of a cozy bed on a cold winter morning! Once you conquer that obstacle, focus on what a great run you are about to have!



About judithisbell

Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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