Snow runs and my ASS!

So, yeah, Blah, Blah, Blah, run in the winter, it is so great! That’s the gist of my last two posts. So, on Thursday morning, the snow flurries begin, and I take off thinking I  have plenty of time to do my hill workout before the snow piles up.

Six hills completed with the snow pelting my eyes and the glare of the sun wrinkling my face. I begin heading back to the car the same way I came, along a path at the park. Now the path is completely covered with snow. Trucking along, I say to my running partner-“Hey wanna go the long way back?”

I am laughing inside because the entire run he had complained about the snow in his face. I know he’ll say no, but I think I am funny. The words barely get out of my mouth. BOOM! I am on the ground. Quickly I assess myself. Did I hit my head? No. Can I move my legs. Yes. Can I get up? No. Not yet. Joe is standing there. I don’t see him, but I can tell he is looking at me, waiting for a response.

“I think I’m okay. I just can’t get up yet.” I lay there, writhing in pain. Omigod, that hurt! My butt is killing me. I don’t want to get up. So, I don’t.

I don’t want to alarm Joe, so finally, I muster up the energy. I am getting up. Slowly. Cautiously.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him slide too, but he caught himself as I went down. I don’t remember going down. You know how you’ll remember a fall like it was in slow motion? Nope. Not this one. I was up and then I was down.

I look at myself. Dirt on my elbows. I touch myself. Oh Man, my car key is in my butt pocket. Landed square on that. Ouch! I begin walking back to the car. Joe begins telling me how it could have been worse.

“If you had landed on your head, there would be a 911 call right now.” Thanks for that. NOW I feel better. He goes on with details about how hard I hit and how thick the ice was and how my head would have split open. Really? Thanks again!

But, I will give him this. He did not laugh at me. Not at all. He saw me go down and he knew it was no joke! And he stood there helping me assess the damage. I was thinking how he made me feel like I could really count on him in the event the situation had been much worse. Note to self: I can count on Joe.

Back at the car, I peel off my wet shirt. Both elbows skinned and the right one is really bruised. On with a dry sweatshirt. Cozy in the car. I text another running friend. “Fell on my ASS!” Of course, that sounds humorous. I needed some comic relief.

Everyone I told about my fall heard it that way. I fell on my ASS, literally. And it hurt. Everyone laughed. Ha! Ha! I am so funny.

Really? No. Two days have passed and it still hurts like crap! I am hopeful to run tomorrow even though it hurt whenever I walked fast at the mall today. Who knows, maybe a miracle will happen in my sleep tonight.



About judithisbell

Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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