You think parenting is tough when they are in diapers? It has only begun!

Are my kids ever going to be old enough? I doubt it. Not that I don’t trust them because I honestly do. It’s because after a “few” years of life experiences, I am tainted. I recognize that should not work out as a penalty for them, but it does. I don’t apologize for this.
There are a couple of coping options parents can choose between when raising teenagers. They can take the attitude that they themselves turned out okay, so they don’t stress about what their kids are up to. I tend to think these parents are either lazy or they never did anything I did as a teenager.
And then there is my approach, based upon lack of trust of other humans combined with paranoia, which is why I am sitting at Mattie’s Diner across the street from the Fillmore Charlotte where Kesha is playing. My daughters and a friend are inside. I am stalking the front door. Why? Because when I was their age, my first rock concert was Aerosmith at the Richmond Coliseum. It makes me shutter to think about the possibilities.
So here I sit with a collection of people …other paranoid parents, the wait staff, a few ticket scalpers, a limo driver, and some teenage girls decked out for the Get Sleezy tour, hanging outside, not at the concert, because one of their friends was too drunk and they are putting her back in the limo. Now the limo driver doesn’t get to finish his dinner because he has to babysit her while the others return to the concert. Did I mention that they left their inebriated friend with the limo driver? “He seems nice enough,” I might have thought when I was 18.
Witnessing this scene unfold, I can’t help but wonder to myself which type of parents they have, and how much it really matters. Because at some point, for various reasons, I can’t continue to follow them everywhere…At least not with them knowing!


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Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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2 Responses to You think parenting is tough when they are in diapers? It has only begun!

  1. alison filer says:

    here i am commenting about something i know nothing about- i have no chilren- i think you’re probably not too paranoid for her first concert– or even a few after that– but i also think parents during today’s time need to definitely teach and talk to their teenagers about situations such as the one you just described with the drunk girl and limo driver. i bet the friends were just thinking the car was a safe place, not even thinking anything about the driver at all. i think being honest and open with your kids and telling of your own experiences best- of course, you’ll get comments such as, “but you did it, so why can’t i?” and to that i say that you’ve taught them what’s best for them and taught them what can harm them, they must be trusted enough to make their own decisions. i’d probably take my own experiences and try to relate them to today’s world- such as, “i did this… but if i had done that in today’s world, this could have been the negative outcome…” i just plain say, don’t hid anything, let them know ahead of time what they are going to see, hear, and do so that they are prepared when a situation occures.

    • judithisbell says:

      I really appreciate your comment. I shared everything I saw outside while I was waiting with my girls to let them know how dangerous things can be. But, after I wrote this blog, I saw another girl come stumbling out by herself. One of the waiters tried to help her, but she came over and just plopped beside me and told me that she couldn’t find her friends and that she just wanted to go home. She was wasted. I stuck with her until we found her friends. They were all wasted. They had taken a limo from South Carolina for one of the girl’s 18th birthdays. When we found the limo, the driver said 3 were already inside, all passed out. He said they got kicked out of the concert. Then when we were standing there, 3 more come running over, and one girl had stumped her toe and was bleeding everywhere. They were all a mess. The limo driver seemed very nice, but very disgusted with them. Here they were, all these drunk 18 year-olds with this man taking care of them and driving them home. Of course, I shared this whole story with my girls. They said they saw those girls inside and they were drinking vodka from water bottles. Hopefully, they learned something from seeing what a mess it turned into for those girls. We had a good conversation on the way back to the hotel. They talked about what a waste it is to go to the concert if you are going to drink and then not even enjoy it or remember it. Let’s hope they make better choices!

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