Finally, my body feels healed and ready to train for my next running event. What a glorious feeling to get up early and get ready for a run! For so many weeks, I have NOT enjoyed sleeping in, but have woken up and only wished I was going running.

Here it is, the big day where I really get a run in and I sleepily walk outside to fetch the paper with my puppy when I am hit in the face with energy zapping humidity. It IS almost June in Virginia. But, daggone, really? Today?

It’s okay. How dare I complain on a day when I know I can finally get through a run without pain? I will focus on the positive and  I will run just for the enjoyment. Because it is FUN to run outside in 90% humidity, with a hazy sun peaking through the clouds just long enough to drench me in sweat. I LOVE this!

And I loved it for 3 miles. That was my goal. Mission accomplished.

It takes time, but our bodies do acclimatize to the heat and humidity. This was just my first day back and it happens to feel like summer now. A few more days and my body will adjust, and my mind will find a way to cope. I already know the #1 way to cope is to NOT look at the weather before my run. I am so used to doing just that from my winter training to help me decide what to wear. No need for that now. It is hot. I will wear shorts and a tank top.

And all winter I complained about the cold. Just can’t please me!


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Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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2 Responses to Enter…Humidity

  1. cmarchong says:

    I hate running in the humidity of the summer. Yes, your body does get use to the weather, but the feeling of the humidity makes not want to start running. Once I get going, I don’t think about it until I am done and looking at my shirt as if I just took a shower in sweat. Drink plenty of water and runner earlier or later. I am just happy to be running. Great to hear that you are back to running!!

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