Fitness and Patience

Do you find yourself repeatedly setting lofty, unrealistic fitness goals, only to give up on them after a few weeks, maybe a month? If so, you are certainly not alone. I hear stories like this quite frequently. Someone gets all pumped up to lose weight and workout and they go from 0-5 days of exercise a week. It’s too much too soon and you will usually end up injured or burnt out or both and trash your whole goal.

So how do we overcome this? You have to be realistic. How many years did you take you to get out of shape? How long have you been struggling with your weight? It didn’t happen overnight and you can’t change it overnight.

It takes patience. And perseverance, dedication, commitment, etc… All those great vocabulary words that it takes to achieve a goal. There is no miracle. Nothing is going to fall from the sky. You have to work hard and you have to be patient.

So, if you still have what it takes, here are some tips:

1. Choose 2 one hour time slots per week for exercise. The easiest and possibly cheapest way to exercise without much ado, is to walk and/or jog, depending on your fitness level. Your two days for exercise should be well spaced apart. Like Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.

2. Now you actually have to walk or jog during those time slots. No exceptions. Don’t join a gym. Don’t buy any equipment. Just carve out that time and go for a walk/jog. Take breaks when you need to. Stop when you need to. The hour includes time to get dressed and get out the door.

3. Don’t change your eating habits on purpose. They may just change naturally. What do I mean? I mean that your body will begin to crave what it needs for your new activity level.

4. Don’t do anything different for a few weeks. Just get your two days in and feel great about it. You will naturally step up your intensity. You will get moving faster. You will start going farther. Let it happen.

It takes time to change your lifestyle. Go slow. Be happy. If you are not enjoying what you are doing, you won’t keep doing it.


About judithisbell

Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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3 Responses to Fitness and Patience

  1. hey this is great insight thanks for your tips! I was wondering what your thoughts are on the 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss?

    • judithisbell says:

      Thank you! I have to say I have only read the reviews about the 4 hour body. But, I am very skeptical of books and fad diets. I remain strong in my belief that we just need to make healthy choices with a well-rounded diet consisting of whole, natural foods, eliminate junk and exercise daily. It works for me. I am very satisfied with my weight and I have never had a weight problem. I think books like this tend to prey on overweight people who feel desperate to try anything. Sorry if this contradicts your thoughts. Obviously it works for somebody because he has sold so many books! But, it’s definitely not for me.

  2. jamie says:

    Just found your blog — looking forward to learning more from ya!

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