Best Benefit of Running!

My body feels beat up! That means I am doing all of the right things to prepare myself for April 16! I have a group of incredible running friends who help me stay focused and help me remember why I am doing this at all. The main benefit I have experienced from all of my running and working out may surprise you. It’s not just about running a great race, but I have found that the relationships I have developed with the friends that I run with are the best part of my running!

I look forward to every run to catch up with how everyone is doing and to hear their stories. I love to listen to people talk. There is so much to be learned from being a good listener. I wasn’t always a good listener. But, when you run with people who are faster than you are, you are too out of breath to lead a conversation! This is a really great technique which has forced me to stop talking about myself and start listening to those around me! Hopefully, I won’t always be the slowest, but I will continue with my good listening skills!

Running buddies also don’t mind standing around after a run to discuss your splits. Not everyone wants to hear about my long-run splits, but I can guarantee you these friends will listen and tell me how great I did. And if it was not my best run, they will have a reason for me to feel good about myself anyway!

Relationships with others are important to our health, physical and emotional. Having a network of friends reduces our stress levels. According to this article in Time Magazine, it even increases our longevity! So, our physical health is impacted by our positive relationships. Join a running group. It will improve the quality of your life!


About judithisbell

Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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  1. MorningMile says:

    Hi Judith. You should enter to let us follow you at the Boston Marathon. You may also win an awesome prize pack from Rockin’ Refuel.

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