Is Running Fun?

Without hesitation, my initial response to the question posed here, “Is running fun?”, would be a resounding “YES!”. But, the more profound question would be, “What is fun about running?”.

This is actually a deeply personal question, completely subjective, and thought-provoking. So, that is how I will answer it. Fun means finishing a  race at my goal pace and feeling accomplished at the end.  It is not fun to go out too fast, hang on, slow down, crawl across the finish, even if I still achieve my goal time. What makes it fun is when I have put in the training, followed my plan and felt a sense of accomplishment when I finished.

Training at a threshold or VO2Max pace is not fun, but it is rewarding because it makes me faster. Running when it is too hot or too cold or  too rainy, is not fun, but it improves my mental toughness. While challenging training runs are not fun in the moment, being able to achieve my goal is fun, so therefore, by the powers of mathematics, running hard training runs must be fun, right?

While “fun” might not always be the appropriate word to describe running on all days, I would certainly use it to get myself hyped up for the run. My self-talk would most definitely include fun, along with a cornucopia of motivating words along the lines of these: healthy, exciting, adventurous, challenging, invigorating… You get the idea.

Eating is more fun when running is involved. There is nothing like the succulent tastes and intoxicating smells of well prepared culinary treats at the end of a hard training run or a targeted race.

But everything about running is even more fun when you get to share it with your running friends. So, in conclusion, running and everything about it is…fun!

List of things that make running fun:

1. Training hard

2. Performing well

3. Eating afterwards

4. Sharing all of this with Running friends

Get up and run:)


About judithisbell

Judith is a physical fitness professional offering advice and anecdotes about healthy lifestyles.
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